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Camp Galena is a fundraiser to help send at least one kid a year to Camp Barnabas, a camp for kids with special needs. It began as a project for a group called Legacy Youth Institute (LYI). A small group of selected students from schools around the Branson area would convene on Wednesdays to talk about taking leadership in our communities.

On one particular Wednesday at College of the Ozarks, our group from Galena High School decided to raise money to help send a kid to Camp Barnabas.

We were able to raise enough money last year to send a kid to Camp Barnabas and this year we were in a class that challenged us to help out our community. We decided to hold an auction and chili/wing cook-off to raise more money to help send another kid to Camp Barnabas this year. We took it another step by creating a scholarship for kids around the SWCL conference with special needs. 

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